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Cheer - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible to cheer?
A: Girls and boys between the ages of five and fifteen on July 31st of the current year can cheer.  Children age eight on July 31st of the current year can participate as part of the competitive squad.  Children must be in good health and a doctor's consent form is required to participate. 

Q: What determines which squad my child will participate on?
A: Squad placement is determined primarily based on grade first then age.  Each town within the Shoreline Youth Football and Cheer League is required to follow to guidelines of the quad schematic provided by the AYC Organization.

Q: What organization is Monroe Lions affiliated with?
A: Monroe Lions are part of the Shoreline Youth Football and Cheer League.

Q: What is the time commitment to participate in the Monroe Lions Cheerleading Program?
A: Practices are help 3 nights per week except for Mitey Mite cheer and Division 8 (One night or two nights per week).  Cheering at Football Games on Saturdays or Sundays.  The Monroe Lions recognizes that August is also a time of year when many families vacation. Please communicate to your Head Coach if you have any vacation or family commitments.  No child is ever penalized for family commitments and/or vacations.

Q: Where are Monroe Lions' practices and games held?
A: Practices (during the month of August) and home games are held at Wolfe Park.  Once school starts practices will be indoors at Monroe schools.

Q: What is the deadline for registering for Monroe Lions cheerleading?
A: Registrations will be accepted until the first Monday in August.  Team sizes are limited, however, to a maximum of 35 participants and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.  Your registration is not complete until full payment and all paperwork has been received.  Players with outstanding paperwork will not be allowed to participate in August practice. 

Q: Do I have to buy an uniform?
A: Monroe Lions supplies each cheerleader with a uniform and jacket to be returned at the end of each season.  Each cheerleader must purchase her own pom packet (pom poms, socks, sneakers, boys briefs, turtleneck liner, and hair bow.)  Other optional items include long pants (worn during games and at competitions), sports bag, Lions Den merchandise.